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WMnet and Future Digital Partnership Continues into Fourth Year


WMnet is delighted to announce the continuation of the sponsorpartnership arrangement with safeguarding software company, FutureDigital, now going into its fourth year.

Future Digital have worked with WMnet members for many years and were the first company to develop a sponsor partnership with WMnet. As well as providing a valuable contribution to the running costs of WMnet,Future Digital has actively engaged with members to provide expert industry insight into the whole area of online safety in order to ensure young people are safeguarded in the ever-changing digital environment.

Of notable mention, Future Digital are dedicating this year to raising awareness of early detection and early prevention in both child protection and mental health. The company will be publishing research and creating resources for teachers surrounding the issues of online safety in the classroom and detecting mental health issues. They have recently published a white paper titled,

‘What impact will the government’s recent mental health green paper have on schools?’

They are also currently planning regional events in which they will be highlighting the ever-increasing dangers of the online world and the key strategies to keep children safe in the digital environment. Bringing together industry and public-sector expertise together has without doubt been a major strength of the sponsor partnership arrangement.

WMnet Chair Bren Taylor said, 

"We are delighted to yet again continue this very important and strategic partnership with Future Digital.Their kind financial help enables WMnet to thrive and support thousandsof schools across the region. Equally important is FutureDigital's unique insight to the world of online safety - their thought leadership in this area provides huge value to the WMnet community seeks to serve."

World Mosaic logo March 2016

WMnet and World Mosaic embark on new partnership. WMnet is delighted to announce its partnership with education technology provider, World Mosaic. The partnership will deliver value and innovation for schools, LAs and Multi-academy Trusts. The "WMs" have long been committed to edtech innovation across the Mid-West region. World Mosaic's founder, Mark Lamont, has worked with LAs across the country for 15 years. The partners plan to build upon their strong regional relationships. Together with Gill Marshall, World Mosaic’s senior consultant who also has worked with LAs and schools across the country, WMnet and World Mosaic will support school improvement through cloud-based solutions for learning, teaching and administration.

On behalf of WMnet, chair Bren Taylor said, “WMnet is a community dedicated to sharing good practice, developing strong professional networks and always peering into the education horizon. With key strengths around teaching, learning, technology and safeguarding, the sponsor partnership with World Mosaic could not be more suited. We are looking forward immensely to be working with the World Mosaic team.”

Mark Lamont, CEO and founder of World Mosaic, said "15 years ago, Gill Marshall and I were excited to work with local partners to improve Internet services across Birmingham and surrounding LA schools. Internet access and Web tools for learning and administration have improved significantly since then and we are pleased to now be working with WMnet to leverage those improvements to benefit schools. World Mosaic has the horse before the cart when it comes to learning and teaching being supported by technology. Our product portfolio is comprehensive, supporting Computer Science education, digital literacy, video story-telling, parent engagement, teacher CPD, leadership development and more. Also, this year we are rolling out a state of the art cloud-based MIS."

World Mosaic and WMnet look forward to meeting and assisting LAs, MATs and schools to improve quality and do more with less, delivering a holistic, well-administered learning experience for students and a better professional experience for teachers and management.


If you are interested in becoming a WMnet sponsor, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.