Using VC you can show others schools the projects you are working on.Introduction

Video Conferencing is one tool that can be used to extend and enhance the impact on

  • Curriculum Content and delivery
  • The Professional Development of school staff
  • The quality of leadership within schools

Video Conferencing enables learners to do things that are hard or impossible to do by other means.

  • Collaborate easily and regularly
  • Be in more than one place at once
  • Link directly to places and resources
The VC Challenge

A review of the literature and research in both the US and the UK seems to generally agree that ….

…. VC is no better and no worse than direct teaching

The challenge therefore is to identify how VC can be better than direct teaching and deliver content that is powerful for the learner.



About This Site

The following materials have been compiled to illustrate practical examples of six powerful considerations for Video Conferencing.

The context for these applications includes a belief that regular, embedded, curriculum focussed content delivered to classrooms is where the greatest impact can be made on pupil performance, attitudes, behaviour and commitment.

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