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Travel & tranport
Below are resources that have been identified as relevant to travel and transport. If you know of any resources that are relevant to travel and transport and climate change, we would welcome your suggestions using the link below.
There are 10 resources/web links at this time. Showing resources/web links 1 to 10, alphabetically.
A government resource to help households measure their CO2 emissions and carbon footprint
A report, suitable for teachers and older students, that considers the impacts of climate change on London's transport systems and what needs to be done to adapt to them. Rather than viewing transport simply as a source of greenhouse...
An interactive community with games and fact files
An interactive story and games to help children aged 4 - 8 understand climate change.
A BBC Online article about a new hydrogen cell fuelled green car.
A Defra animation explaining how lights and cars affect climate change - for KS1 and lower KS2
A sustainable schools website Helping schools to become more sustainable. Information, inspiration, resources and workshops for Education For Sustainable development.
Follow the story of Liz Bennett's blog as she tries to cut down her carbon emissions and stop climate change. As romance blossoms with Liz's rich boyfriend, her best friend Jack is concerned that something is not adding up. Meanwhile Liz...
Activity to stimulate research and discussion with KS4 and 5 students on the impacts of climate change on transport and vice versa. It is linked to Ask The Expert webcast 4 but can be used independently.
Dr Lee Chapman gave a short talk and answered questions put to him by students from Thomas Alleynes School, Uttoxeter, on the theme of transport and climate change. This event was part of the WMnet Ask The Expert series. Use the links...
Tomorrow's Climate Today's Challenge
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