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Live weather data from the Lickhill Primary School weather station
The LGfL Networked Weather Station takes advantage of the latest data-gathering technology to monitor a wide range of weather variables and send their values across the Internet to a central database. This database can be searched online...
Has Stern caused a storm with his review on the economics of climate change, and if so, why? This resource consists of a number of key sections on the Stern Review, the science, geography, economics and technology backgrounds to the review...
The resource’s starting point is the lives of young people in Shishmaref, Alaska – one of the communities most vulnerable to climate change in the world. From a news story about Shishmaref, it goes on to invite learners to find out more...
As part of the BBC's Climate Chaos season they showed eight short films dealing with climate change around the world.
Science Learning Centres ‘Science in the news’ - climate A source of articles suitable for education use - where 'climate' appears in the news
UK students are invited to get involved in two out-of-this-world space science experiments to be conducted by Richard Garriott during his stay on the International Space Station (ISS) this October. Developed in partnership with the...
Part of the excellent ?Discovering Antarctica? website; this section explores the changing climate of Antarctica.
Videos to support the recording of GLOBE data, temperature, contrails, green-up and green-down
Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research. Part of the UK Met Office
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