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What is climate change?
The Following resources and web links will help you to find out; what is climate change?
There are 36 resources/web links at this time. Showing resources/web links 1 to 8, latest updated first.
An interactive story and games to help children aged 4 - 8 understand climate change.
Has Stern caused a storm with his review on the economics of climate change, and if so, why? This resource consists of a number of key sections on the Stern Review, the science, geography, economics and technology backgrounds to the review...
The resource’s starting point is the lives of young people in Shishmaref, Alaska – one of the communities most vulnerable to climate change in the world. From a news story about Shishmaref, it goes on to invite learners to find out more...
A KS2-KS3 multimedia resource helping pupils to understand the different types of flooding and to know and understand the causes of flooding. Uses a range of videos and images as well as external links and resources to support the seven 'lessons'
BBC Newsround special feature on climate change
These materials provide an overview of the causes and consequences of climate change, and also help pupils to understand their own contribution to climate change, and that of their school. Includes ideas for active citizenship projects...
A Defra animation explaining how lights and cars affect climate change - for KS1 and lower KS2
A web page from 'Defra' explaining ‘what is climate change'
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