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Photograph: © Ashley Cooper

Hi there!
We are Richard and Jeffrey Tokeinna.

We live in the village of Shishmaref, Alaska, on an island in the North of the USA. In fact, right up North, in the Arctic Circle.

Leastways, we live there at the moment, but a lot of our neighbours are leaving for the mainland. The trouble is, the sea is coming in and the land beneath our homes is crumbling. We’re not sure how longer we can stay here.

Photograph: © Ashley Cooper

This is me, Richard,
out on the tundra by the Serpentine River.

These last few years, warmer weather has been causing a lot of change around here. The frost on which we used to build has started to melt.

Photograph: © Ashley Cooper

This is our friend, Nellie.

If we have to go, we’ve no idea what will happen to our community, our friends or our school. There’s a lot of good folk in Shishmaref, and a bunch of great things about the place.

What will happen to it all?
To the traditions and businesses we’ve built up here?

People tell us that climate change is a lot to blame for what’s happening here. Like you, we’re interested to know what that’s all about.

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