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Glossaries of terms, acronyms etc

Given the number of technical terms, acronyms and abbreviations covered by the wide span of the Stern Review, a number of links to specialised glossaries is included below. The list is not exhaustive but offers a selection matching the first six sections of the site in order. As with other links provided a range from individual blogs to international institutions is included and many glossaries are parts of sites which have much more to offer in support of the resource. Since this section consists only of links to the glossaries, the format has been altered for ease of use:

Section 1 - The Review & context
EU/UN Emissions Trading Registry Glossary of terms
International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association (IPIECA) (PDF)
Green Facts presentation of IPCC Glossary for Climate Change
Glossary of climate change (Wikipedia)
People and climate change glossary

Section 2 - The Economics
Glossary of business and economics
AmosWeb Glossarama
The Economist – research tool for economic terms
Global hub for Carbon commerce
World Bank – glossary developing nations

Section 3 - The Science
Set of Life science glossaries
Greenhouse Gas Emissions US 2005 glossary (EIA) (PDF)
European Environment Agency Glossary
Biodiverstiy glossary
Earth Biomes glossary
Earth Observatory (NASA) glossary

Section 4 - The Technology
UK DTI – Energy Glossary
Energy terms and definitions as used by the US Energy Information Administration (EIA)
Renewable energy glossary (EIA)
Green construction – sustainable development

Section 5 - The Geography
Air Pollution glossary
GeoMan's Glossary of Earth Science Terms
Natsource environmental services
Physical Geography including the hydrosphere glossary
Weather Glossary
Department for International Development – glossary
Forestry glossary
Population Resource centre glossary

Section 6 - Pedagogy
Visible Knowledge project
Net Pedagogy Portal
Critical Thinking Glossary
Reasoned argument
Technology (includes Web and Web 2.0)
Wikipedia definitions of Web 2.0
A blog Web 2.0 glossary
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