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  National Strategy “Pedagogy Pack” and other teaching and learning links

Image: students in a lectureThis sub section is not intended to make any formal link with the Secondary National Strategy but is included to draw attention to some of the material which the units in this pack make readily available, in particular in relation to how pedagogy might support students’ responsibility for their own learning, the development of thinking skills and contemporary approaches to learning, particularly in the use of information and communication technologies.

Various aspects of teaching and learning are covered in the units which give a useful and up to date background on current ideas and latest theories. Some units are particularly useful for example units on modelling, explaining, guided learning, questioning and generally most of units 5-16 (see link). For staff and students the “Summary of Research” sections in the units are particularly useful.

Questioning whether oral or written is a key skill for teachers, and indeed should be developed by students. Asking the right question and indeed understanding questions is fundamental to learning. Research show that many questions are asked of students which relate to administration and management rather than understanding and moreover frequently insufficient time is given, before, during or after the question is asked. In order to develop higher order thinking in students, the design of questions requires higher order thinking by staff. Similarly, modelling and explaining should reflect considerable preparation by staff, and can provide good areas to ask students to emulate themselves to demonstrate understanding, perhaps as part of assessment for learning.

Assessment for learning is a major area of development and links naturally with peer assessment and group work and in that sense is appropriate for this site’s potential for students to develop increasing responsibility for their own learning. A key part of assessment for learning, assuming guidance and direction are provided, is to share criteria in order to enable self and peer assessment on an objective basis and for students to become increasingly self managing and reflective. Assessment for learning thus also links to the ideas of higher order and critical thinking and inevitably involves the higher levels of Blooms’ taxonomy.
  Units 1-20 of the National Strategy Pedagogy Pack
Assessment for learning
Formulating Questions for Higher-Order Thinking (PDF)

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