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Image of the earth covered in dollar bills. Also acts as a link to return to the home page. Button to visit main climate change site. clickable region: brings visitors back to the home page.
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Image: female student From the many existing resources and activities available the selection of links in this section has been assessed to be compatible with the aims of the resource as a whole. The links included have been chosen to meet a number of criteria, including having the potential for use with the 14-19 age range either by students and/or staff and to be relatively recent or recently maintained. In particular they have been included if they complement the aims of increasing students’ responsibility for their own learning and developing higher order thinking, critical thinking and reasoned argument. Where possible sites have been chosen which also acknowledge assessment for learning, active learning, group and collaborative work, peer review, problem solving and constructivist views of learning. Attention has also been paid to those that illustrate the use of, or might usefully exploit, web 2.0 technologies.

From this selection of over sixty links, many of which lead to many more, some sites stand out as excellent either because of their comprehensive coverage and/or the inclusion of clear and informative pedagogic elements. These “excellent” links appear to the right of this text. They are well worth a visit and may contain useful elements from any of the sub-sections.

The sub-sections are only crude divisions; many sites do not fall neatly into one category or another e.g. many links with lesson plans will also have accompanying activities. Similarly, links to many of the sites with activities may also include useful data. Hence whilst some judgement has been made to get a best fit between link and sub-section, it is worth scanning the links from all the sub-sections.

In terms of the final sub-section, again a crude division has been made between general software, Web 2.0 tools and data. More teachers and indeed students could and should get involved in creating, adapting, reviewing and evaluating resources, and a link to the Creative Commons site is included under Web 2.0. The “Data” links also includes those to images, maps, podcasts and even whole CDROMs as well as numeric data.
  Wiki-based Encyclopedia of Earth – up to date, excellent search, authoritative articles, scope for contribution.
Cycles of the Earth and Atmosphere – excellent background for teachers inc activities
NASA sponsored - Exploring the Environment several well developed modules/activities – constructivist problem-solving approach - excellent pedagogical support
Graeme Daniel’s excellent collection of Climate Change Learning Resources
Carleton College – Science Education Research Centre - The Climate Change Collection
Carleton College – “Teach the Earth” excellent portal for Geoscience
Carleton College – “Starting Point” excellent teaching entry level Geoscience

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