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  Student Synopsis: "What is Stern all about?"

Image: smoking industrial chimney stacksThe Stern Review reports in a public way that greenhouse gas emissions are impacting on the planet globally AND that they are at least in some part due to human (anthropogenic) activity. Stern attempts to put a cost on the impacts and risks and therefore suggests how to control them for the future, taking account of developing nations, economies and industries and aware that new technology solutions may have a part to play. He draws the following conclusions:

  • There is still time to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, if we take strong action now
  • Climate change could have very serious impacts on growth and development
  • The costs of stabilising the climate are significant but manageable; delay would be dangerous and much more costly
  • Action on climate change is required across all countries, and it need not cap the aspirations for growth of rich or poor countries
  • A range of options exists to cut emissions; strong, deliberate policy action is required to motivate their take-up
  • Climate change demands an international response, based on a shared understanding of long-term goals and agreement on frameworks for action including: Emissions trading, Technology cooperation, Action to reduce deforestation & Adaptation
Image: blurred student listening to lecturer
What is Stern all about?

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